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Hey baby won’t you look my way,
I could be your new addiction
Hey baby what you got to say,
All you’re giving me is fiction

Hey honey you could be my drug
You could be my new prescription

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The attractive TA in my 3d design class said my work shows “real craftsmanship”
So yea we’re pretty much married now

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When Van Gogh was a young man in his early twenties, he was in London studying to be a clergyman. He had no thought of being an artist at all. he sat in his cheap little room writing a letter to his younger brother in Holland, whom he loved very much. He looked out his window at a watery twilight, a thin lamppost, a star, and he said in his letter something like this: “it is so beautiful I must show you how it looks.” And then on his cheap ruled note paper, he made the most beautiful, tender, little drawing of it.

When I read this letter of Van Gogh’s it comforted me very much and seemed to throw a clear light on the whole road of Art. Before, I thought that to produce a work of painting or literature, you scowled and thought long and ponderously and weighed everything solemnly and learned everything that all artists had ever done aforetime, and what their influences and schools were, and you were extremely careful about *design* and *balance* and getting *interesting planes* into your painting, and avoided, with the most astringent severity, showing the faintest *academical* tendency, and were strictly modern. And so on and so on.

But the moment I read Van Gogh’s letter I knew what art was, and the creative impulse. It is a feeling of love and enthusiasm for something, and in a direct, simple, passionate and true way, you try to show this beauty in things to others, by drawing it.

And Van Gogh’s little drawing on the cheap note paper was a work of art because he loved the sky and the frail lamppost against it so seriously that he made the drawing with the most exquisite conscientiousness and care.


Brenda UelandIf You Want to Write: A Book about Art, Independence and Spirit (via raggedybearcat)

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*complains about being tired* * doesn’t sleep until 3am*

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crinklyeyedlou replied to your photo:glamorous college fashion tips #1: drape your…

Awww, poor you :( I hope you’ll feel better soon. By the way… it’s a pleasure seeing you on my dash again :D

//muffled noises of excitement//

the pleasure is all mine, darling.

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glamorous college fashion tips #1: drape your blanket over your shoulder to make a fabulous Greek toga, in tribute to the screaming sorority girls outside your window.
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The struggle between wanting food and never wanting to leave my warm bed has become so much harder with a cold and 53 degree weather outside

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My this is the best!!!
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With such a hectic schedule are any of you guys into things like juicing, detoxing, super healthy living?
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*gets absolutely nothing done* well time for a break

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